Franklin Farm Foundation


·         When Franklin Farm was established in 1980, the Franklin Farm Foundation (Foundation) was also established.

·        The Foundation’s primary purpose is to conserve, maintain and enhance the resources of the total community. Every resident is a member of the Foundation.

·        The Foundation is governed by the Board of Trustees who are elected in a community-wide election. The Board of Trustees appoints members to the Architectural Review Board, and all committees. The Boards and committees are all comprised of volunteers.

·        The Foundation is privately managed by a six person on-site professional staff, which includes the Executive Director, who oversees the daily operations of the community.

·        Our committees include Tennis, Open Space, Financial Advisory, Community Functions, Elections, and Zoning, Land Use & Transportation.

·        Neighborhood Watch, the Franklin Farm Summer Basketball League, and the Franklin Farm swim team (the Froggers) are activities within Franklin Farm but are not committees.



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